Troubleshoot Quota Violation error

Troubleshooting tips for Quota violation and WMI error while running WMI queries and scripts

While running a script or WMI query, you may get the error message "Quota violation". This can be because the WMI provider service may have reached its quota limit.

Troubleshoot by following the below steps:
  1. Go to Start > Run > type wbemtest.exe
  2. Click Connect

  3. Enter as root in the Namespace field. Click Connect.
  4. Click on Enum Instances

  5. In the Class Info window, enter the Superclass Name as __ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration. Click OK.
    Note: the Superclass name includes a double underscore at the front.

  6. Next, double click on __ProviderHostQuotaConfiguration=@ in the Query Result window

  7. In the Object Editor window, double-click on the property name for which you want to change the quota.

  8. Enter the Value as 536870912 (512 MB) for XP and Windows 2003; for Windows Vista, enter the value as 805306368 (768), then move to 1073741824 (1024) if you still need space.

  9. Click on Save Property. Click on Save Object.
  10. Restart your system.

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