No auto-discovery of Windows applications

Troubleshooting steps if the Microsoft Windows applications are not getting auto-discovered

Once the Windows server is added for monitoring, Windows applications including IIS, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, Hyper-V, BizTalk will be automatically discovered and marked for monitoring. In case this does not happen, follow one or more of the below steps to troubleshoot:
  • Ensure the Auto discover applications on the server option is set to Yes in the Settings page (Admin > Server Monitor > Settings).
  • Check for the version of the application that you want to be monitored. 
  • Check your license limit and make sure you have sufficient monitor count left in your account. If not, please upgrade.
  • Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Server Monitor > click on the associated server monitor. Beside the display name, hover on the hamburger icon and click Discover Applications. This will discover and add the applications for monitoring.

If the issue still persists, go to '<Installation Directory>\WinAgent\monitoring\logs', zip your logs, and mail them to

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