Steps to done after completing migration to Zoho Single Sign On

Steps to be followed after migration to Zoho Sign On is completed

The following presents a checklist of certain actions to be done post the completion of migration to Zoho Single Sign On: 
  1. Check the email from Site24x7 to see if your account has been successfully migrated to Zoho Single Sign On
  2. Follow the subsequent instructions in the mail
  3. Login to your Site24x7 account
  4. Check and assign user permissions for your sub-users
  5. Update your iPhone and Android apps from the App Store and Google Play respectively
  6. Update your Web Application (Real Browser) monitor Recorder
  7. Update your Web Application Transaction Recorder. Learn More
  8. Update the Desk app. Learn More
  9. Verify that the previous Account tab has been renamed as Admin
  10. Verify that the API Key has been renamed as Device Key.