Sender IDs of various SMS providers

The Sender ID of various SMS providers

You can configure SMS alerts to be received when the monitor goes to Trouble or Down state. The following list the Sender IDs of various SMS providers:

SMS Provider
Sender ID
You will receive SMS and voice call alerts from the mobile number +1-408-514-5602 or from +1-855-760-1247
You will receive alerts from the mobile number +1-866-514-1606 for U.S and Canada; for other countries, it will be from WebMon
You will receive alerts from WebMon or Site24x7
This will be used as the default SMS provider for Indian numbers (country code +91)  and the Sender ID is SITEAT.

Note: The mobile service provider in the receiving end has the option to hide/change the Sender ID (short code).

If a message is not delivered through the provider that the user has selected, Site24x7 will route the SMS through another provider.

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