Filter AWS resources for discovery and monitoring

Tag-based service discovery for AWS resources

While you integrate your AWS account with Site24x7, add tags that enable you to control which AWS resource must get discovered and monitor them. Perform Include and Exclude tags operation simultaneously along with an OR/AND logic to filter the AWS resources.

Major points to keep in mind:
  1. Simultaneously use the Include and Exclude operation for various tags except for the 'Region' tag.
  2. When both Include and Exclude are used, the Include operation will be performed first followed by the Exclude tags operation.
  3. In the Include and Exclude section, the AND/OR logic can be performed on a combination of tags only when you enter more than one tag. 
  4. User-defined tags: The tags that you have assigned for a resource at the AWS console can be leveraged at the Site24x7 console to filter resources.
  5. Site24x7 custom tags: When the custom tag (monitor_site24x7) has its value set as 'false' in the AWS console, this tag will be given priority over all other user-defined tags created and none of the AWS resource will be monitored.
  6. If a resource does not support a particular tag in the AWS console, we do not consider them in the Site24x7 console as well.

Help Resource: Filter AWS Resource
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