Sync Microsoft Azure AD users to Site24x7 via Zoho Directory

Sync Microsoft Azure AD users to Site24x7 via Zoho Directory

If you want to sync your user data from Microsoft Azure AD to Site24x7, you can do it with Zoho Directory's conditional assignment feature. Once synced, you can easily add users in Site24x7 without requiring manual intervention. The users added to Azure AD will automatically be reflected in Site24x7.


  1. Site24x7 account with administrator access.

  1. Active Microsoft Azure subscription.

  1. Zoho Directory account with administrator privileges.

  1. Integrate Zoho Directory with Site24x7.

Site24x7 users will have free access to Zoho Directory.

For example, consider if you want to grant administrative access to all members of the operations group, since admin access typically entails higher privileges and permissions. This will enable those users to manage various aspects of systems, applications, and platforms.

Follow the steps below to configure the same. 

  1. Sync Azure Active Directory with Zoho Directory
  1. Set up conditional assignment in Zoho Directory
  1. Verify user sync in Site24x7

Sync Azure AD with Zoho Directory 

First, integrate Microsoft Azure AD with Zoho Directory by following the steps in this knowledge base article. Once integrated, users and user groups will be automatically synchronized with Zoho Directory utilizing Azure AD, based on your Azure AD provisioning settings.

Set up conditional assignment in Zoho Directory 

After the user sync is complete, to set up conditional assignment to link Azure AD users or user groups with Site24x7, follow these steps in Zoho Directory.

1. In Zoho Directory, go to the Applications tab on the left side.

Figure 1. Applications tab in Zoho Directory.

2. Click Site24x7 and on the form that opens, click Assign Group.

Figure 2. Assign group in Zoho Directory.

3. Choose the group you want to apply this configuration to.

Figure 3. Choose a group.

4. You can choose to apply this rule to either All members of the group, or you can restrict usage by selecting Users matching the criteria.

5. Next, fill in the following details in Application setting:

  • Role: Choose the role you want the group members to gain access to.

  • Job Title: Provide the job title of you want the role access to be given to.

  • User Alert Groups (optional): You have the option to include a user alert group created in Site24x7 to grant access to the role.

  • Monitor Groups (optional): You have the option to provide users with restricted access to specific monitor groups. Leave this field blank if you want to provide access to all members.

Figure 4. Application Settings in Zoho Directory.

6. Click Assign.

Conditional assignment has successfully been created in Zoho Directory for Site24x7.

Now, in the use case given above, you will have to configure the Role as Admin, Job Title as DevOps Engineer. The configured screen (Fig.5) and saved screen (Fig.6) are as follows.

Figure 5. Configuring Admin role for DevOps Engineers in the Operations group.

Figure 6. The saved screen after the configuration.

Verify user sync in Site24x7 

To verify if the users have been synced to Site24x7, navigate to Admin > User & Alert Management > Users & Alerts. For more information about users and alerts, read more here.