RegEx in Linux process monitoring

Support for RegEx in Linux process monitoring

Use Case:
Consider a Java process being monitored by our server monitoring agent. Every time the process is restarted, the process arguments might change. During this scenario, the process will be marked as Down and it wont be changed to the Up status even after the process being restarted successfully.

Problem Statement:
The user has to delete the existing Java process and add the same process again with the newly discovered arguments in order to mark it up for monitoring.

With an update to the latest version of the Linux agent 16.4.0, we have extended support for providing Regular Expressions (RegEx) to match a set of process arguments.

For the above case, let's assume the initial argument for the Java process was like:
/usr/bin/java -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8 -start_time 1504249532

On restarting the process, it gets altered to the following:
/usr/bin/java -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8 -start_time 124830290

A sample Regex that can be used for this case is as follows:
(.*) - matches anything
\s - matches white space
0-9 - a single character in the range between 0 and 9
1,10 - matches between 1 and 10 as many times as possible
Note: You can also validate the RegEx using our tool:
Once RegEx is enabled, the Linux monitoring agent will match the running process argument with the configured RegEx and determine the status of the process.
RegEx is supported for Windows Process also. Please ensure the Windows agent version is 19.5.0 and above.