SLA Reports

SLA Reports

Site24x7 provides unique SLA management capabilities that assist organizations to define SLAs and proactively monitor their compliance. The agreements can contain service performance metrics for the levels of availability, response time, or both, and their corresponding service level objectives. Our solution also provides meticulous attention to detail that helps to measure the quality of service provided by the vendor and also track any SLA violation in advance. On the other hand, vendors draw insights from the SLA reports and this enables them to provide quality service to their customers. To add, edit or delete an SLA setting, click here.

We provide:
  • Availability SLABased on your business hour we calculate the availability percentage for the selected duration.
    (Total Downtime / total time monitored)*100
  • Response Time SLAWe monitor the total number of checks made and based on that we will monitor the number of response time that falls under the corresponding business hour target that has been set by the user.
    (no of polls below the response time threshold/total no of polls)*100
  • Composite SLAHere we go with a  weight-age concept.

    If for the given duration Availability SLA is 90 percentage. And the weight-age is chosen as 50. Then the Availability share in Composite SLA will be  45.

    Then we will calculate the percentage of times the response time is below the configured threshold, assume it to be 80. Its weight-age is 50. Then its share will be 40. 
    So the total composite SLA will be 45 + 40 = 85.

    (Total Uptime / total time monitored)*100* weight-age
    (no of polls below the response time threshold/total no of polls)*100 * weight-age

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