Site24x7 transactional mails

What are the various transactional mails sent by Site24x7?

Site24x7 sends transactional mails to convey important updates about the monitors you've added, including alerts, reports, and more. These emails help you track processes, receive real-time notifications related to the monitors, and stay updated from the time you sign up.

Note: Transactional mails are mandatory and you cannot opt not to receive these mails, as they are sent to convey important updates.

Transactional mail can be :
  1. Confirmation emails sent following the sign up for Site24x7 services 
  2. Evaluation expiration notifications
  3. Evaluation follow-ups
  4. Account renewal notifications
  5. Follow-ups for account renewal failures
  6. Alerts and notifications related to your monitors
  7. Auto-discovery mailers to assist in discovering resources in your network
  8.  Reports include:
    1.  Scheduled Reports
    2.  Delayed Reports
    3.  And other reports  
  9. Alarms include:
    1.  Bulk Action
    2.  Assign a Technician
    3.  Mute Alerts 
    4.  And other alarms
  10. Account License related
  11. Account Management related
  12. On adding or deleting users
  13. About IT Automation 
  14. IP address change related 
  15. Access Revoked mailers
  16. OAuth 2 failure related
  17. Notifications about Alert Credits and their usage
  18. Related to Log Usage
  19. Real Browser Monitor related script updates
  20. Reminder mails to upgrade your account
  21. Account downgrade follow-ups
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