Data collection in Site24x7 RUM

Site24x7 Real User Monitoring (RUM) - Data Collection

When you include Site24x7 RUM beacon script in your web pages, the following data is collected. All data that's being collected is in accordance with GDPR compliance

  1. Performance details of web page load time - Metrics like response time of web page or application like document processing time, DNS time, connection time, server time, first byte time, document download time, page rendering time, and document rendering time are collected. Other metrics like page viewsresponse time and throughput taken to load in different browser versions, devices, and ISP's are also collectedPurpose: To analyze the network performance and performance of individual web pages and resources. To identify JS errors and AJAX calls. 
  2. User Agent of the Browser - This information is collected to analyze the device and browser information.
  3. Request Headers - Location and region details are fetched from the request headers.
  4. Unique ID generated for the user, which is stored in a cookie - This information helps to detect unique and new users. 
  5. User session details - These details include information about user sessions and page navigation. This data is collected to provide snapshots in case page load time exceeds the specified threshold value. 
The following cookies are created to identify user sessions.

site24x7RUMSnapshotId This cookie collects user session traces and is used to provide Snapshots.  

site24x7rumID  This cookie is created to identify unique users and sessions. 

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