Configuration rules for server monitors

Set up a configuration rule for a new server monitor added

Configuration Templates have been deprecated and successfully replaced with Configuration Rules. Please ensure you have migrated to rules to continue using this feature.

Bulk associate configuration profiles to new server monitors added.

Use Case:
A user has a Site24x7 account with 50 servers being monitored. Each monitor has a specific configuration profile (threshold, notification, resource check profiles and user group) associated to it. The user now wants to add 10 more servers for monitoring. So, the user will have to add the servers and then associate configuration profiles separately for each monitor in the Edit Server Monitor page.

But, this can be eased out by using the configuration rules. For the 10 newly added monitors, the user can define a criteria and associate an action to it. The new servers will automatically get associated to these profiles.

In addition, if 5 servers have an active MySQL application, then the user can also add its services/processes to their rules and mark them up for monitoring.

Note: During the next phase of adding new monitors, the configuration rules created by the user will automatically be associated to the new servers added. The manual services/processes added by the user in the template will also get marked up for monitoring.