What if a service is not added to a server via configuration rules

Troubleshooting steps if a service is not getting added to a server monitor via configuration rules

  1. Ensure to enter the service name while adding the configuration rule, and not the service display name.
    Note: Click on properties of that service in the service.msc file to get the service name.
  2. Ensure special characters are not included while mentioning the service name.
    For example, the services GxClMgrS(Instance001) and GxCVD(Instance001) may not get added due to the brackets. Try using RegEx to mention the services. For the service GxClMgrS(Instance001) use GxClMgrS.*  or GxClMgrS\\(Instance001\\) and for the service GxCVD(Instance001) use GxCVD.*  or GxCVD\\(Instance001\\).
  3. Check if you have sufficient license. Learn more on how many services can be monitored per server monitor.

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