Troubleshooting for Nagios

Possible reasons why your Nagios plugin is not working

Possible Reasons
Troubleshooting Tips
The performance data format is not in the supported format*
Please ensure the performance data is defined in the following format: 
Refer this documentation
You get the message:
Error while Executing the Script
The path specified for the Nagios plugin in the nagios_plugins.json file is incorrect. Check that and try again
Different arguments and parameters specified in the JSON file is taken as a single monitor
Create multiple copies of the same Nagios plugin with different names.

For eg., Make copies of the check_ping file as check_ping_localhost and check_ping_172001 and use these files in the JSON file

{ "nagios": [ "/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_ping_localhost -H localhost -w 1,1% -c 1,1% -p 5 -t 10 -4", "/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_ping_172001 -H -w 1,1% -c 1,1% -p 5 -t 10 -4" ] 

You get the message: 
<Path>: not found
Mention the actual physical path of the Nagios script file in the Nagios JSON file.

*Nagios scripts which need to be in the supported format are specific for Linux version 15.0.0 & without this format, we support scripts from version 15.3.0 and above.

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