OAuth token Generation

OAuth token Generation

  1. Create a Slack app.
  2. Select the workspace that you need to access using Slack Web API.
  3. Navigate to Permission and configure the Workspace URL in Redirect URL.
  4. Navigate to Scopes and add the below scopes to User Token Scopes:         
    1. users:read
    2. files:read
    3. groups:read
    4. im:read
    5. channels:read
    6. dnd:read
    7. emoji:read
    8. pins:read
    9. reactions:read
    10. reminders:read
    11. stars:read
    12. usergroups:read
    13. mpim:history
    14. mpim:read
    15. im:history
    16. groups:history
    17. channels:history
  5. Click on Install app to Workspace.
The OAuth token will be generated. Please copy and save the OAuth token to be added in the plugin configuration file.

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