Normalized load average

What is the normalized load average option in settings?

In the Admin > Server Monitor > Settings page, you will find the option Show Normalized Load Average. Setting this option to Yes will help set a common threshold value for load average across servers. 

Use Case:
A user wants to create a common threshold profile to monitor the load average across servers having different CPU cores. Say, one of the servers is 2 cores and another server is 4 cores. 

Problem Statement:
Since the number of CPU cores differ, setting a common threshold value for load average of both the servers is challenging. For example, a value of 200 is critical for the server having 2 cores, while it is minimal load for the server having 4 cores.

Set the option Show Normalized Load Average to Yes. By setting Yes, the load average of the 4-core server is divided by the number of their CPU cores (4). Similarly, for the 2-core server, the same logic is applied. The user can now set a common threshold value, irrespective of the number of cores, and associate it to both the servers (2 cores and 4 cores).