Why is No Data shown for the Pod metrics?

Why is No Data shown for the Pod metrics?

In your Site24x7 web client (Server > Kubernetes > Pods > select the Pod monitor > click Performance), you might get No Data for metrics such as CPU Limit and Requests, Memory Limit and Requests, CPU Utilization, and Memory Utilization (%) as shown below: 

This happens because the Site24x7 Kubernetes agent cannot collect CPU limits or requests or memory limits or requests if the resource configuration is not set for the Pod in its respective deployment file, as shown below:


You will be able to see the metrics in the Site24x7 web client if the resource configuration for the Pod is set in its respective deployment file, as shown below:  

Now, the output will be:

How do we calculate CPU Utilization and Memory Utilization?


CPU Utilization is calculated as below:

  CPU Utilization = (CPU Usage/CPU Limit) * 100


Memory Utilization is calculated as below:

              Memory Utilization (%) = (Memory Usage/Memory Limit) * 100


Since the CPU and Memory Utilization metrics depend on their respective configuration data limit, they will be shown as No Data.


However, CPU Usage (millicores) and Memory Usage (mebibytes) will be shown irrespective of the resource configuration.

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