No data for SQL

Troubleshooting steps when no data is received from the SQL server

As we use "Perfmon" to fetch data for Microsoft SQL monitoring, please check if the counters related to SQL are present in the user's perfmon. Please follow the steps below: 
  1. Open the server machine in which the issue is occurring

  2. Start -> Run and then type perfmon (to open Windows Performance Monitor)

  3. In the perfmon window, (in the left pane) expand "Monitoring tools" under Performance.

  4. After expanding "Monitoring tools", click on "Performance Monitor" under it.

  5. Now in the right pane, click on the big green plus ( "+" ) icon (fourth from left) above the graph.

  6. A new window containing the counters will appear. It will contain information like Processor, Processor information etc.

  7. Scroll that list box and check if the following counters are present. If the counters are not available, please reload the relevant SQL counters.
For Default Instances

  • SQL Server:Locks

  • SQLServer:Databases

  • SQLAgent:Jobs

For Named instances

  • MSSQL$<instance name>:Locks

  • MSSQL$<instance name>:Databases

  • SQLAgent$<instance name>:Jobs

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