Attributes of monitors for which Anomaly detection is enabled

List of monitors and their respective performance attributes for which anomaly detection is enabled.

Anomaly Report tracks the performance of critical attributes over a specified time span and detects any outliers based on the comparison made between the current value and the baseline average 95th percentile value recovered over the past four weeks period. Below are the various attributes of individual monitors for which Anomaly detection is enabled, by default.
Response Time
DNS Server
Response Time
FTP Transfer
Response Time
Web Page Speed (Browser)Response Time
PingRespinse Time
FTP ServerResponse Time
Port (Custom Protocol)Response Time
POP ServerResponse Time
SMTP ServerResponse Time
Web Transaction (Browser)Response Time
Web TransactionResponse Time
Mail Delivery MonitorResponse Time
REST API MonitorResponse Time
SOAP Web Service Monitor
Response Time
Server MonitorCPU Usage
Memory Usage
Used Physical Memory
Used Swap Memory
Memory Pages In
Memory Page Faults
15 min Avg
Disk Reads
Disk Writes
Context Switches
Processor Interrupts
APM Insight Application
Response Time
Error Count
Fatal Count
APM Insight Instance
Response Time
Error Count
Fatal Count
Classic Load Balancer
Request Count
Application Load BalancerLatency
Request Count
EC2 Server Instance Monitor
CPU Usage
Network In ( Number of Bytes received)
Network Out (Number of Bytes sent)
RDS Instance Monitor
CPU Usage
Database connection(s)
Microsoft Hyper-V Server
Health Critical VMs
Logical Processors
Virtual Processors
VM Bus Interrupts Received
VM Bus Throttle Events
VM Bus Interrupts Received per sec
VM Bus Interrupts Sent per sec
Logical Processor Guest Runtime
Logical Processor Hypervisor Runtime
Logical Processor Total Runtime
Root Virtual Processor Pagefault Intercepts
Virtual Processor Emulated Instructions
Virtual Processor MSR Accesses
Virtual Switch Bytes Per Second
Virtual Switch Packets Per Second
Virtual Switch Bytes Sent Per Second
Memory demand
Microsoft IIS Server
Queued Request
Application Restarts
Bytes received
Bytes Sent
Network Statistics
Cache Total Entries
Cache API Hit Ratio
Cache API Turnover Rate
Cache % Machine Memory Limit Used
Session SQL Server connections total
Processor Time(%)
IO Data Operations/sec
Thread count
Private/virtual memory (MB)
No of Physical Threads
Microsoft Exchange ServerDB Cache Size
Page request fullfilled by Cache
DB Cache Page Fault stall per sec
I/O DB reads avg latency
I/O DB writes avg latency
IO Log Write per sec
RPC Response time
RPC operations
RPC no. of slow packets
Slow QP Threads
Active User Count
RPC Requests
Active Client Count
Hub RPC request sent per sec
Microsoft SQL ServerConnection
Batch Requests
SQL Compilations
Replication Merge Conflicts
Target Server Memory
Total Server Memory
SQL Cache Memory
Optimizer Memory
Granted Workspace Memory
Memory Grants Pending
Checkpoint Pages
Lazy Writes
Page Reads
Page Writes
Page Splits
Full Scans
Probe Scans
Range Scans
Number of Errors
Plan Cache Hit Ratio
Cache Pages
Cache Objects
Queued Jobs
Failed Jobs
Lock Requests
Lock Timeouts
      Microsoft Failover Cluster
Outstanding Messages
Resource Host Subsystem Process Restarts
Resource Host Subsystem Process
Used Space
Bytes received
Bytes Sent
Messages received
Messages sent
Resources Offline
Normal Messages Queue Length
Urgent Message Queue Length
Reconnect Count
Used (MB)
Used Space
Resource Failures
Resource Failures - Access Violation
Resource Failures - DeadLock
Microsoft Office 365Group Created
Group Deleted
Inactive Mailbox
Over Warning Size
Used Less than 25%
Active Lync Users
Web Conferences
Telephony Conferences
IM Conferences
AV Conferences
Application Sharing Conferences
Audio Sessions
File Transfer Sessions
IM Sessions
Video Sessions
Application Sharing Sessions
Unique Share Point Users
Licenses Assigned
Licenses Acquired
Active Deployment
Inactive Deployment
Used Size
Microsoft Sharepoint ServerActive requests
Active Sessions
Average time to process request
Get Data Requests Per Sec
Insert Requests Per Sec
Update Requests Per Sec
Delete Requests Per Sec
Failed Insert Requests Per Sec
Average Data Fetch Duration
Average Insert Duration
Average Update Duration
Average time of form session
Transaction Completed Rate
Request Processing Time
VISIO Requests Per Sec
Errors Per Sec
Requests in Queue
Rejected Requests
ASP Requests Per Sec
Current Sessions
Transactions Started Per Sec
Pending Transactions
site collection warning count in contentdb
Queries Failed
Queries Succeeded
All Attributes

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