How to limit log uploads from a particular log type.

How to limit log uploads from a particular log type?

Use case:
As a sysadmin, you may want to check a specific log type that you upload and manage using Site24x7 AppLogs. Assuming that the upload limit of your account is 100 GB and there are four types of logs managed on a single account, keeping an eye on a particular log type is crucial. Considering that syslogs consume the major part of your log upload, you determine it is best to limit it to 25 GB so there's enough space for the rest of the logs. 
How do you accomplish this? In this instance, you can set a limit so that any upload beyond the 25 GB limit is stopped. You can set these limits while adding your log type. For all the existing log types, you can edit and set the limit.

Enter the Maximum Upload Limit (in GB) on the Add Log Type or the Edit Log Type page.

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