Install the Net-SNMP package in Windows for SNMP-based plugins

Install the Net-SNMP package in Windows for SNMP-based plugins (iDRAC and HP iLO)

Installing the Net-SNMP package is an essential prerequisite for configuring SNMP-based plugins like Dell iDRAC and HP iLO. Follow the steps below to install the Net-SNMP package, set the path of Net-SNMP, and test SNMP walk.

Download and install the Net-SNMP package
  1. Download the Net-SNMP package. You can also find the download link on the Net-SNMP website.
  2. Run the downloaded file to initiate the setup.
  3. Select the default components as shown below: Base Components, Standard agent (under Net-SNMP Agent Service), Net-SNMP Trap Service, and Perl SNMP Modules. Then click Next.

  4. In the following screen, choose the destination folder (e.g. C:\snmp) in which you want to install the package, and click Next

  5. In the following screen, select the relevant Start menu folder to which you want to add the shortcut, and click Install to complete the installation.

Set up the Net-SNMP path
  1. Open the Run command window and run the following command:

  2. In the System Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab and click Environment Variables.

  3. In the Environment Variables dialog box that opens up, under the System variables section, select Path and click New to add a new system variable.

  4. In the New System Variable dialog box, click Browse Directory and select the bin folder wthin the folder in which you installed the Net-SNMP package.
    For example: C:\snmp\bin

    The path will get added in the
    Variable value field.

  5. Add a relevant Variable name and click OK.
  6. Click OK in the Environment Variables and System Properties dialog boxes as well to apply the changes.

Test SNMP walk

After completing the installation and setting up the path of Net-SNMP, run the following command with applicable parameters to test the SNMP walk (snmpwalk).

snmpwalk -v <version> -c <community-name> <OID>

Example for iDRAC:
snmpwalk -v 2c -c public
Example for HP iLO:
snmpwalk -v 2c -c public

Once snmpwalk gives an output, proceed with installing the relevant SNMP-based plugins.

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