Command line installation | .NET Agent

Install .NET agent via command line

Follow the instructions given below to install APM Insight .NET agent via command line:

  1. Login to your Site24x7 account > APM > APM Insight
  2. Click on .NET tab and download APM Insight .NET agent (apminsight-dotnetagent.msi)
  3. Navigate to the path where you have downloaded the msi file and execute the following command:
msiexec -i apminsight-dotnetagent.msi license.key=<YOUR LICENSE KEY>  editconfig=false  iisreset=false  /log apm_install.log /quiet

Command line arguments:
    • editconfig  - Agent will open edit configuration window by default. Set this to false to install the agent without opening the edit configuration window.
    • iisreset  - Agent resets IIS by default. Set this to false to install without resetting IIS.  Note:  Agent can monitor the applications only after running the iisreset. 
Note: Perform some transactions to start monitoring.

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