Infrastructure monitors pricing update-March 2023

Infrastructure monitors pricing update-March 2023

Over the years, as we have extensively enhanced our product capabilities and evolved to become a full-stack monitoring platform, we have left our pricing untouched since 2012. 
With rapid increases in infrastructure costs, we are forced to increase our prices to ensure we can provide the same level of innovation you are familiar with.

The price increase is mainly for infrastructure monitors. Server and Cloud monitors will now consume two basic monitor licenses in place of one basic monitor license. This includes,
  1. Agent-based Server Monitoring - Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and OS X servers
  2. Agentless Server Monitoring - HP, IBM, and Solaris servers
  3. Kubernetes node & Docker Host Monitoring
  4. VMware infrastructure - VM, ESX/ESXi Hosts, and Clusters
  5. Cloud servers - AWS EC2, Azure VM, and GCP Compute monitors
  6. Nutanix infrastructure - Hosts, VM, and Clusters 
Monitors like websites, applications, network interfaces, AWS,  plugins, Containers & Pods, etc., will not be affected by this price change. Please note that you will not have to pay more than 20% of your previous bill. If you are not happy with what you have heard from our sales, you can escalate by sending an email to
We plan to update this FAQ regularly to update you with the latest information.  


What is the expected increase in the price? or Is this a 100% increase in my subscription cost?

‚ÄčThere is no 100% increase in the subscription cost. Instead, we will cap the increase to 20% of your subscription cost in the next renewal, irrespective of the number of licenses required to be purchased. 

When does this pricing change take effect at my account level?

Type of Subscription
License change will be effective from
April 2023
Next renewal date
Note: The exact date of the pricing change will be based on your last renewal date.

What is the increase, or how much should I pay more?

Please look out for a personalized email from our sales team( with the subject 'IMPORTANT | Site24x7 - Account specific pricing changes',  or contact for the new subscription cost.

Can I get an extension to the date of the license update?

The license update will automatically take effect from the next renewal date. However, you can reach out to with your requests and we shall assist you further.

Can I modify the server monitor settings to retain one basic monitor license for my servers?  

We don't have the option to limit infrastructure monitors to one basic monitor license.

What will happen if I don't purchase required license before effective date? 

If you miss the mailer and fail to purchase additional licenses, some monitors will be suspended randomly. To avoid this monitor suspension, please get in touch with our sales team( at the earliest. 

What should I do to ensure uninterrupted monitoring? or How to purchase additional license?

You can purchase additional license by logging in to Site24x7 and navigating to Admin > Subscriptions > Purchase Addons or reach out to for assistance.

Will the additional license automatically be added during the next renewal?

No. You have to purchase license from the Site24x7 web client by navigating to Admin > Subscriptions > Purchase Addons.
Offline users will have to contact  to generate a price quote. 

When and how will existing customers be notified?

All existing customers, including MSP and BU Admins, were notified through e-mail in February/March 2023. 

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