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Intelligent Playback: Monitor randomly changing attributes of my HTML elements using Web Transaction (Browser)

You don't have to record each time an HTML attribute changes for an element.

Site24x7 Web Transaction (Browser) monitoring uses a concept called Intelligent Playback, which will identify the attribute level changes of the HTML element and update your recorded scripts automatically. 

Let us assume the name of a text link during initial recording is "Sign Up" and it is changed to "Register" subsequently. The Site24x7 Web Transaction (Browser) Recorder will capture all the attributes of a particular HTML element (the text link in this case) such as ID, name, CSS, and XPath during the initial recording itself. During monitoring, Site24x7 will use any one of the attributes to identify the element. If that primary attribute (for example ID) fails, then we will try to identify the element based on other available attributes such as name, CSS, XPath, etc. If we are able to identify the element with any of the other attributes (for example XPath), the Web Application Playback Engine will find out a new value for the ID attribute and the web script will be updated accordingly.

If the HTML element itself is replaced or removed, we will report the status of that particular step as "Trouble" or "Down". In such a case you may have to re-record that step. 

In case you don't wish to perform an intelligent playback, add the following command update_intelligent_play_candidates("false") in your advanced web script editor.