Identifying APM conflicts with a health monitor tool

How to identify and resolve conflicts between other APM products and the APM Insight .NET agent

Problem statement: You are experiencing either of the below issues and suspect that another APM product is interfering with the Site24x7 .NET agent.
1. The .NET monitor is not created under APM > APM Insight > Applications, even after the .NET agent installation is complete.
2. The .NET monitor stopped receiving data from the application.
Prerequisite: The Site24x7 APM Insight .NET agent should be installed.


Please follow the steps outlined below to identify and resolve the conflict between the other APM product and the APM Insight.NET agent.

Profilers that commonly conflict with the Site24x7 .NET agent

Environment variable of Site24x7's .NET agent:

Other APM profilers
Profiler CLSID
New Relic

Microsoft Application Insights
JetBrains dotCover

Identify the conflict using the .NET Health Monitor

  1. Open the .NET Health Monitor by navigating to Start > All Programs > APM Insight .NET Agent > APM Insight .NET Agent Health Monitor.
  2. If any other APM products conflict with the APM Insight .NET agent, you will be notified, as shown in the image.

You can now use the Process Explorer or the Event Viewer to identify which product conflicts with the APM Insight .NET Agent.

Identify the conflicting APM product using Process Explorer

  1. Install and open the Process Explorer.
  2. Select w3wp.exe, go to the Environment tab, and look for the COR_PROFILER variable to identify the conflicting APM product.
Please find the link to download and install the Process Explorer in your system.

Identify the conflicting APM product using Event Viewer

  1. Open Event Viewer and navigate to Windows Logs > Application.
  2. Click the event with the source .NET Runtime to check the Profiler CLSID of the conflicting APM product.
The Event Viewer will be installed on your Windows machine by default.

Resolve the conflict

  1. You must uninstall the other APM product because Microsoft restricts using multiple profilers on the same machine.
  2. Perform IIS reset.
  3. Now, you can restart your application and make some transactions.
  4. Once the application is up and receiving requests, you can view the monitor under APM > APM Insight > Applications in the Site24x7 client.
  5. If you click the application name, you can also view the metrics and the corresponding graphs.

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