Troubleshooting tips for APM Insight Java agent

Basic troubleshooting tips for APM Insight Java agent

Even after the agent parameters are in place, if the APM Insight instance is not shown in the Site24x7 console, please check for the following conditions:
  • Check whether the correct license key is provided in apminsight.conf file
  • Check whether the agent directory has read & write permissions, if not please provide the same
  • Try moving the agent jar and its configuration files to a different directory, possibly outside the application server installation directory
  • If there is a proxy configuration in the server, provide the proxy details in apminsight.conf file
  • Check agent logs (in the directory where the agent configuration file resides) for any warning related to network communication
  • Check your firewall settings, which may be blocking requests to Site24x7 server ( which listens for HTTP requests on port 80 and HTTPS requests on port 443
  • Check file for key "agent.state", if it is "Deleted", please delete the file and restart the server
  • If APM instance is not receiving any data, please perform some transactions on your server and check the Site24x7 console after a couple of minutes
  • Check whether the app server & Site24x7 account are in the same time zone. To change time zone of your account, go to Admin > My Account
If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, please send an email to