Adding APM Insight monitor

APM Insight monitor not added in Site24x7 server, even after adding the APM Insight agent in my application server with the correct credentials

1. Check if you have restarted /started the Application Server where you have installed site24x7_apminsight gem.

      2. If you have restarted/started the Application Server and still the monitor is not added, check if you are able to connect to the Site24x7 server ( from your browser.

      3. If there is a proxy server between APM Insight gem and Site24x7 server, specify the Proxy server configuration.

To check if there is a  proxy, open a browser in the APM Insight gem installed machine and  try connect to It should display the login page of Site24x7. Check whether any proxy server is configured in the browser and specify those values in apminsight.conf

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