Troubleshooting error messages in Azure VM

Troubleshooting step for the error message 'VM has reported a failure when processing extension' while trying to add Site24x7 Azure VM Extensions

Occasionally, when the extension is configured along with the creation of VM using the new Azure portal, the deployment can fail. To workaround this issue, try adding the extension after the deployment of the VM. 

On the other hand, you may get these messages while deploying the VM extensions to classic VMs using the new Azure portal. 
The operation failed due to an internal error. Please retry the operation after sometime. 
The resource operation completed with terminal provisioning state 'Failed'.

If you get error message like above or any other issue while adding the extension to a classic VM, kindly check the operation logs for more details. To verify the operation logs, go to Azure Classic Portal ( and check the operation logs (under Management services). The logs can be filtered based on service. On clicking Details of the respective log, it will give the xml content of the failure. 

<SubscriptionOperation xmlns="" xmlns:i=""> 

If you require further support, please write to us at Please send us the status part of the operational logs for troubleshooting. 

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