Troubleshooting agent update errors | Site24x7 APM Insight

Troubleshooting steps for errors "Agent update will happen shortly" or "Value cannot be null. Parameter name : path1" during update from 2.3 .NET agent

On fresh installation of 2.3 agent, APM Insight environment variable is not set properly (upgrading from earlier versions retains them) and prevents updating 2.3 agent to higher versions. If you face this issue, kindly follow these steps and try to update again. 
  1. Open My Computer > System Properties > Advanced System Properties > Environment Variables window
  2. Check under System Environment variables. There should be a variable named APM_INSIGHT_NET_INS_PATH. If it is not present, add the same with value as the installation path of .NET Agent (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\APM Insight\APM Insight .NET Agent for 64-bit servers)
  3. Copy the value and add 2 more variables APM_INSIGHT_NET_INS_PATHx64 and APM_INSIGHT_NET_INS_PATHx86 with the same value as APM_INSIGHT_NET_INS_PATH
  4. Restart the APM Insight .NET Agent service and try updating