Resolve the communication error 12007

How to resolve the communication error 12007 (with Event ID 1014) occurring in the event logs?

Let us consider the below use case to resolve the communication error:

Problem Statement:
Error 12007 (Unable to resolve the server name) thrown by the agent due to DNS client error, displaying the Event ID 1014 in the event logs.

Problem Analysis:
The user is using Active Directory's DNS server that is configured to the server's network interface. Thus, during a network communication, the external domains including,, and are resolved using this DNS server. 

Note: By default, the domain resolver time-out of the DNS server is 3 seconds.

Troubleshooting Steps:
  1. Go to the device where the DNS server is running and open the DNS Manager using the command
  2. Select the DNS Server which is configured in the device's network interface

  3. Select tab " Forwarders " and click on Edit

  4. Across the option " Number of seconds before forward queries time out ", change the time-out to 15 seconds

  5. Click OK to save the changes