Post and share announcements to your customers via status page

How to post and share announcements to your customers via status page?

Status Page displays the real-time availability status of your monitors to your customers. Additionally,  it lets you instantly share your comments during potential outage scenarios or planned maintenance schedules. You can post announcements, make historical announcements to your customers using the status page. Learn more about posting announcements on the status page here.

Login to the Site24x7 web client and follow the steps below to post any announcements on the status page:
  • Access Home > Status Page

  • Click the Add Announcements button to post your comments to your customers.
  • Post your announcement heading and description.
  • Once done, the announcements will be reflected in the incident history section of your status page.
  • To share the status page with your customers, simply click the share button.
  • You can use the permalink to share the status page with your customers. Additionally, provide the RSS links or give an option to embed the status page in a web page using iframe.

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