How to integrate Site24x7 with OpenAI (ChatGPT)?

How to integrate Site24x7 with OpenAI (ChatGPT)?

OpenAI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that can help leverage technological advancements by infusing it with your monitoring tools. Integrating Site24x7 with OpenAI can allow various tasks, such as analyzing large data sets and identifying patterns and anomalies that can serve as warning signs for potential problems. It can also help identify trends and patterns that can contribute to your data significantly.


How to integrate from Site24x7

  1. Log in to Site24x7.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Third-Party Integration > Zia (powered by OpenAI).

       Note: This Integration is currently based on request. Please contact   

Figure 1: Third-Party Integrations page


  1. In the form, provide the following details:

Figure 2: Zia page


  1. Once you enable the checkbox in agreement to the integration, the Data Privacy Notice pop-up will be displayed. Click Proceed.

Figure 3: Data Privacy Notice


  1. Click Save.


Once you have saved the integration, you will be able to find the OpenAI icon on the top bar of the pages for which the feature is available currently.


For example, by clicking the OpenAI icon on the Alarms page, you can list of options to further drill-down and analyze them. These are AI-generated.

Figure 4: OpenAI icon in Alarms page



Figure 5: OpenAI questions in Alarms page


You can opt to Regenerate Response to capture the changes in your monitoring data and generate a new summary.