How to find the Device Identifier (sysOID) using MIB browser?

How to find the Device Identifier (sysOID) using MIB browser?

The managed objects in an MIB are called object identifiers (object IDs or OIDs). OIDs are identifiable by strings of numbers separated by dots.
You can find the sysOID using the MIB browser.
  1. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Go to the directory where the On-Premise Poller is installed
  3. Then navigate to Network Plus\bin folder
  4. Start the file in the Network Plus\bin folder
  5. As the MibBrowser opens up, set the SNMP credentials with respect to the version.
    • For SNMP v1, set the host, port, and the SNMP community
    • For SNMP v2, click Edit > Settings > Change the SNMP version to v2 > Click Ok. Set the host, port, and the SNMP community
    • For SNMP v3, click Edit > Settings > Change the SNMP version to v3 > Click Add. Set the host, port, user name, authentication credentials and click ok

  6. In the MibBrowser screen, look out for RFC 1213-MIB in the left end
  7. Navigate to org > dod > internet > mgmt > mib-2 > system by clicking on it
  8. Select sysOID from the list
  9. Now click on the "Get SNMP variable" icon (located 7th from the left, below the menu bar)
The sysOID displayed on the screen is and this can also be written
as . 
If the MIB browser throws an error, refer here to identify the issue.
Alternative steps:
If the MIB browser is inaccessible or fails to work, SNMP command line tools can be used to find the sysOID using MIB browser.

Install the required packages:
Fedora/Centos: yum install net-snmp-utils
Ubuntu: apt-get install snmp

> snmpget -v [1/2c/3] -c Read_Community IP_Address .
Ex: snmpget -v 2c -c public .

Note: If the SNMP port is not default, use it like IP_Address:Port

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