Enable IPv6 monitoring

Monitoring IPv6 enabled Internet Resources with Site24x7

You can monitor your Internet resources over IPv6 from our supported locations. We've a wide network of monitoring locations around the globe with support for over 90 IPv4, including 60+ IPv6 enabled locations. Follow the steps below to start monitoring your resources over IPv6:
  • Log in to your Site24x7 account.
  • Navigate to Admin >  Inventory > Add a monitor.   
  • In the monitor configuration form, manually move the rocker button for "Prefer IPv6" to "YES".
  • In the form, specify the IPv6 enabled monitoring location that you wish to monitor from. You must atleast specify a primary monitoring location.  
         Note: The following monitors support monitoring over IPv6. IPv6 locations do not fall back to IPv4 automatically on failure.
  • Fill the remaining steps in Monitor form as usual and click Save. Once done, you can start monitoring your IPv6 enabled infrastructure in no time.

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