Disable auto-discovery of new containers

How to disable auto-discovery of new containers?

You can disable auto-discovery of new containers by deselecting them manually under the Containers tab, using configuration rules, or via Bulk Actions.

Manually under the Containers tab:
  1. Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Docker > Docker Hosts.
  2. Click on the docker monitor added and go to the Containers tab.
  3. Click on Discover Containers.
  4. Uncheck the option Auto-discover and add new container(s).

This will ensure no new containers are added for monitoring.

Ensure you have upgraded to Linux agent 17.5.7 and above to enable this enhancement.
Via Configuration Rules:
  1. In the Site24x7 web client, go to Admin > Inventory > Configuration Rules > Add Rule.
  2. Choose Type is Docker under Define Criteria. If you want to add any other conditions, click on the '+' icon.
  3. Under Define Actions, click Tags. Select Auto-Discover Docker Containers from the drop down and set it to 'False'.
  4. Save the rule. To apply the rule for already added docker monitors, click Save and Run Rule.
This can also be done via our Bulk Action for multiple containers in one go.


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