Site24x7 connectivity from Windows machine

How to check the connectivity to Site24x7 servers from my Windows machine?

There are two ways to check if you are connected to the Site24x7 data center: 
Method 1: via the Tray icon
  1. Once the Windows monitoring agent is installed, a tray icon appears in the quick launch bar. The tray icon is also listed in Start > All Programs > Site24x7 Windows Monitor > Tray Icon.
  2. Right click on the icon > Check Connectivity.

  3. You can now check the status of your connectivity to all our domains.

Note: If the message appears as Not Reachable, click on Help and make sure the ports, domains necessary for agent communication has been configured right.
Method 2: check in IE
  1. Go to Internet Explorer and type in (.eu, .cn, .in, or (.eu, .cn, .in, This would tell you if there is connectivity between the Site24x7 data center and your machine.
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