Domain Verification Key Updation

How to add Domain Verification Key in your DNS TXT record?

In order to safeguard your StatusIQ subdomain from being misused, you're required to confirm your domain ownership. StatusIQ provides you a unique domain verification key to validate the ownership of your status page domain. You're required to enter this complete domain verification key in the TXT value field of your DNS zone file. Follow the steps below to add the domain verification key in your DNS TXT field:
  1. Log into your domain host control panel.
  2. Click the domain that you need to verify for StatusIQ.
  3. Access the DNS Management page
  4. Click the Manage DNS link in the domain settings page.
  5. In the records table, click Add.
  6. From the type list, select " TXT "

  7. In the Host field, enter @ . Keep the default TTL value.
  8. In the TXT Value field, paste the complete domain verification key, you copied earlier from StatusIQ.
  9. Click Save to save the new verification record. You’ll see the TXT record added to the Records table.
The above actions may, however, vary based on your domain registrar. If you're unable to find a way to get this updated in your DNS host, get help from your web administrator.