Use case for file availability check

How file availability check works?

Working Principle:
When a file availability check is added, and if the specified file is created/deleted, the resource check will be moved to "Down" status and an alert will be sent to the user. If the specified file is already present in the folder, while adding the check, no alerts will be triggered. But if the file was added later, this will trigger an alert once the file is added. This is specific to file availability check for files added.

Use case:
A user creates a file "Error.txt" in the D: drive. Then, the user sets up a File Availability Resource Check profile (Notification Criterion: File added) in a Windows server. The check is set up in a way that an alert has to be triggered if a file "Error.txt" is created. But, the user does not get alerted.

Reason for the error:
The issue in this case is that the user had already created a file "Error.txt" in D:\. And then, the file availability resource check was added in the Site24x7 client for that particular file. So, even after the next data collection, the status remained as Up (green).

The user has to make sure that the resource check profile is created before the addition of the file. In this case, 
  1. The user has to delete the existing file "error.txt"
  2. Add a file availability check with the Notification Criterion as File added
  3. Create a new file "error.txt" in D:\
  4. This will be sent to the instant notifier and make the resource check to Down status
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