Data collection for Azure guidance report

How does Site24x7 collect the data required to make the recommendations in the Azure Guidance report?

Metrics-based practices will be calculated with the data collected during the Azure monitor's data collection. For the other practices, on demand Azure API calls will be made and checked if the data is in line with the practice.

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    • How can I access the Azure Guidance Report?

      For already monitored Azure accounts: Log in to Site24x7 and go to Cloud > Azure > click on the Azure monitor for which you want to view recommendations. Click on Guidance Report (in the left panel) > Enable Guidance Report. For newly integrated ...
    • How frequently is the Azure Guidance Report updated?

      The Guidance report will be updated every week from the time of Azure account integration. You can also start a report on demand using Scheduled Reports.
    • Limitations of Azure Guidance Report

      Currently, our report only offers recommendation checks for select Azure services—Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), Azure Public IP Address, Azure App Service Plan, Azure Web App, and Azure Function App. Note: We will be adding support for all services ...
    • Is the Azure Guidance Report available to all users?

      Yes. Site24x7's Guidance Report for Azure is available for evaluation and paid subscription holders of Site24x7. All you need to do is integrate your Azure account with Site24x7.
    • Required permissions to auto-add Azure Subscriptions for monitoring in Site24x7

      Follow the steps below to provide the necessary permissions to auto-add Azure Subscriptions under the same tenant for monitoring when they are created or added in the Azure portal. 1. Go to the Azure portal and navigate to Management groups. 2. ...