Auto discovery of services/process in configuration rules

How does auto discovery of services and processes work in a configuration rule?

While setting up a configuration rule, the user can set the value as True for the options Auto Discover Services, Auto Discover Processes for the agent to automatically match the services/processes running in your server with our default list and auto-add them for monitoring.

Use Case:
A user has to install 10 Windows servers to an existing Site24x7 account. So, the user sets up a configuration rule to associate threshold, resource, and notification profiles to the new server monitors added. Also, the user wants to auto-discover the services running on the Windows server.

The user has to set the value as True for the option Auto Discover Services. By doing this, the agent will compare the user's services with the default list. The services that match will be added automatically and taken up for monitoring.
In case some services/processes that the user wishes to monitor are not present in the default list, they have to be added manually using the Add Services/Add Processes option.

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