AWS Metric Profile to select specific CloudWatch metrics to monitor

AWS Metric Profile - When new metrics or monitors are added.

CASE 1: When new metrics are added for services.

Whenever new metrics are added for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) resource, they'll be automatically added to the existing Metric Profile created for an account.

Let's consider the example of S3 buckets that currently have 20 metrics, and assume an additional five metrics are added in the future. If all the existing metrics are selected for the profile, then the new metrics will be automatically added to the profile. If not, the new metrics need to be added manually to a Metric Profile. 

CASE 2: When new monitors are added.

If there is an existing Metric Profile for an account, when new monitors are added, then all the metrics for the new monitor will be added to the profile.

Say you currently have 35 monitor types, and a new monitor is added in the future. Then all the metrics in the new monitor will also be added automatically to the existing Metric Profile.

Help Resource: Metric Profile.
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