Update Recorder Tool in Web Transaction Monitor

Update Recorder Tool in Web Transaction Monitor after Single Sign On migration

After migration to Zoho Single Sign-On, uninstall the existing Web Transaction Monitor's recorder (Site24x7_Recorder) and install the new version.

Follow the below instructions:

To uninstall the existing Recorder Tool

In your Windows system, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Select Site24x7 Recorder > Uninstall. 

After uninstalling the existing Recorder Tool, perform the below mentioned steps to install a new version of the Recorder Tool:
  • Sign In to your Site24x7 account
  • Navigate to Home > New Monitor > Web Transaction
  • Download and install the new Recorder Tool for the respective OS.

  • After installing, you can launch the new Recorder Tool and browse the steps of the web application that you wish to monitor.  Learn more about using Web Transaction monitor.
Note: In the new Recorder Tool, provide the Device Key to add/create the monitor in your Site24x7 account. You can generate the Device Key by logging in to your Site24x7 account and navigating to Admin > Generate Device Key.