Monitor AJAX calls in traditional web apps

How do I monitor Ajax calls in my traditional web applications

In general, Ajax calls are monitored by default for Single Page Applications (SPA) in Real User Monitoring (RUM).  

To monitor Ajax calls in traditional web applications(though you have inserted the RUM script in the header/footer), kindly follow the instructions given below to replace the existing code

  • Log into your Site24x7 account > RUM > Your application
  • Click on 'Copy Web script' and copy the RUM key - this is your appkey
  • Assign the appkey to the variable rumMOkey in the following script
  1.  <script type="text/javascript">var rumMOKey='<appkey>';var site24x7rumProp =       {};site24x7rumProp.sendAjaxCalls=true;site24x7rumProp.includeCrossDomainAjaxCalls=true;  (function(){if(window.performance && window.performance.timing && window.performance.navigation) {var site24x7_rum_beacon=document.createElement('script');site24x7_rum_beacon.async=true;site24x7_rum_beacon.setAttribute('src','//'+rumMOKey);document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(site24x7_rum_beacon);}})(window)</script>
  • Copy and paste the script in all the HTML pages of your web application, where you want to track the AJAX calls. By adding so, you can track your web page performance along with the AJAX calls involved. 
  • Metrics can be tracked under AJAX calls tab.
Note: These AJAX calls will be considered as pageviews.  

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