Exclude Site24x7 monitoring traffic from Google Analytics

Exclude Site24x7 monitoring traffic from Google Analytics

You can exclude traffic from Site24x7 Web Transaction (Browser) monitor and Web Page Speed Browser in two ways. To exclude traffic for the Web Defacement monitor, you can follow the first method.

1. Create a filter in Google Analytics for Site24x7 

You can create a filter in Google Analytics console to exclude traffic from Site24x7 from being shown in the Google Analytics View. For Web Transaction (Browser) and Web Page Speed Browser, the unique minor version is \.247$, which one can use to exclude traffic.

How  to configure the Google Analytics console:

Log in to google.com/analytics and navigate to AdminAll FiltersAdd Filter. Then configure the following details:

  • Filter Name: Robot Traffic Site24x7
  • Filter Type: Custom Filter  and select Exclude
  • Filter Field: Browser Version
  • Filter Pattern: .247$
  • The Filter Pattern to be used for Web Defacement monitor is Site24x7.

    However, if you've specified a custom user agent (browser and version) in your monitor setup form, you have to provide the exact Filter Pattern in the form field here, in order to exclude robot traffic from Site24x7.

  • Once the details are provided, click Save and 'Apply Filter to all Views' that will be monitored with Site24x7. Refer to the below screenshot:

2. By using Block Domains option in Site24x7 Web client
Another option is to block Site24x7 from making a request to your webpage/web application using Block Domains option.
Block Domains option lets you configure multiple domain names that you want Site24x7 to ignore during monitoring. This can be achieved at Monitor-level or at Account-level.

Follow the steps mentioned below to block domains:
  1. Login to Site24x7 and navigate to Web Web Transaction (Browser)/ Web Page Speed Browser monitor.
  2. After selecting your configured Web Transaction (Browser) Monitor or Web Page Speed Browser monitor, hover over the hamburger icon and click Edit.

  1. In the new page that opens click Block Domains. Then you'll be prompted with a pop up window asking you to provide the URL at the Monitor level or at Account level. You can specify multiple domains at Monitor and Account level. In the Account-level Block domain list, enter the domain name google-analytics.com and   www.googletagmanager.com.
  2. Click Save to proceed. Once done, Save the monitor configuration.
    If you've specified block domain(s) at Monitor level, traffic from the specified monitor alone will get excluded in Google Analytics. However, if you've specified the domain(s) at the Account level, all the monitors in your Site24x7 account will get excluded from the Google Analytics traffic.