How do I disable the AppLogs agent?

How do I disable the AppLogs agent (process/service)?

When you disable the AppLogs agent, log collection on that server will stop and the AppLogs Agent service/process will not run in your server.

To disable the AppLogs agent:
  1. Navigate to the Server tab.
  2. Click on the server monitor in which the agent has to be disabled.
  3. Go to the AppLogs tab.
  4. You'll find the option Disable AppLogs on the top right corner of the screen, as shown below:
If the AppLogs agent is still not disabled, follow the steps below:
  1. Execute the following command to check if the AppLogs agent is still running:
    ps aux | grep -i site24x7ApplogAgent
  2. If the AppLog agent is still running, kill the process:
  1. Check if the Site24x7 AppLogs Agent service is still running.
  2. If yes, stop the service.
To globally disable the AppLogs agent on any server, go to Admin > AppLogs > Settings > select No against Collect application logs from servers using AppLogs. This will stop the AppLogs agent service/process from all servers in your account. 

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