What are Basic and Advanced Monitors?

What are Basic and Advanced Monitors?

Site24x7 licensing and pricing work based on the monitor type categorization.  For the ease of usage and based on the complexity of monitoring, we have categorized Site24x7 monitors as Basic Monitors and Advanced Monitors.

We typically charge for a host and IP combination. For example, a server is charged as one Basic Monitor, which monitors the server, its processes, syslogs, other resources on the server including URL, port, files, directories, and more at no additional cost. Each server monitor will have one plugin added for free. After that, each plugin monitor is considered a basic monitor. Likewise, for VMware, we charge by virtual machines, and not based on performance metrics. 

You can view monitors based on basic and advanced in the Site24x7 web client. Learn more.
Read more and view a list of all the Basic and Advanced monitors in Site24x7.

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