How to check if URL redirection is working correctly?

How do I check if URL redirection works correctly using the Website Monitor?

A webpage can be made available from more than a single web address using URL redirection. Most redirects are automated and it becomes difficult to track if the redirection works in a specific way. This can be verified using website monitoring in Site24x7. 

Redirection Flow:

Consider the following redirection flow for

How can I configure my monitor to verify the redirection path?

While adding or editing a monitor, you can configure the to check the redirection flow from the "Location" header values with HTTP Response Headers field under Content CheckConfigure "Location" in Header Name field and the URLs you want to check in the Header Value field. 

Consider the configuration:


Header name : Location

Content check
What if there is a change in the redirection flow?

If the redirection fails, an alert would be triggered based on your Alert Configuration.

The redirection check fails for the following cases:

  1. If the configured URL is not present in the Location header.

  2. If the configured URL is a match with the Location header.




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