Adding content checks to a monitor

Adding content checks to a monitor.

Content checks can be added as part of your monitor configuration. The following monitors support content checks:
  • Website 
  • Web Transaction
  • Web Transaction (Browser)
  • Port (Custom Protocol)
  • REST API (Text, XML and JSON)
  • REST API Transaction (Text, XML and JSON)
  • SOAP Web Service (Validating XML node or attribute)
  • Website Defacement Monitor
  • Web Page Speed (Browser)

While performing a content match, you must add keywords based on the following conditions given below:
  • A single string or keyword can be configured with/without any double quotes (ex: HTML).
  • If there are two strings, which comprise a single keyword, just add a space in between the two strings (ex: HTML response).
  • In case you have more than a couple of individual keywords configured, you will have to separate them with space and also use double quotes for each of them. ("Monitor" "HTML").
  • You can enable case-sensitive keyword searches. By default, it is set to No.

Site24x7 also supports non-English or non standard characters in the content match. But the monitored website should have proper encoding using UTF-8. To see if your website has proper encoding, follow the steps below:
  • Open the website with the non-English content > right click and then select >  View Page Source
  • Search for "charset=UTF-8" or just UTF-8 in the page.
  • If the website returns a UTF-8 character, then the content match should very well work for your non-english page.
The string check can be used for checking content present in a single line. If you're look up content is present across multiple lines, we recommend using the Regular Expression (Regex) instead. You can always use Regex fields to check for similar phrases in the HTML response.