Adding a sub-user

Add a sub-user

For adding a sub-user, please follow the steps given:
  1. Login to Site24x7
  2. Navigate to Admin > Users > Click on the (+) icon
  3. Fill in basic details including Name, mobile number, email address, and IM account
  4. Specify User Role and associated User Group
  5. Select a prefered notification medium to receive alerts
  6. Set alerting period and individual alert setting for trouble, down and up status under Alert Settings
  7. Click Save
  8. Once you update the settings, the user will receive an invitation to join the organization. You can view the assigned role on the dashboard only after the user accepts the invitation.
Note: However, there may be certain conflicts if the user already has a business account in Zoho, in which case, you need to remove the existing organization set up under the user, to make him a part of Site24x7 Organization. In no case, a single user account can be a part of multiple Organizations. Learn more

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    • Adding sub-users to your Site24x7 account

      As the Super Admin/Admin of your Site24x7 account, you will be able to invite and add a user to be part of your Site24x7 account. When the primary Site24x7 account holder adds a sub-user, a Site24x7 account will be automatically created for that ...
    • Restrict sub user access to certain functions inside my Site24x7 account

      You can give role-based access to your sub-users. The roles and permissions can be defined at the stage of adding a sub-user. Navigate to Admin > User Management > Users > Add User and specify access to different functions based on their role. The ...
    • Is it necessary to have a separate Site24x7 account before I add my colleagues as sub-users

      The sub-users to be added need not create a new Site24x7 account. When the primary account holder adds a sub-user, an email will be sent to the sub-user. So, when the sub-user accepts the invitation, a Site24x7 account will be automatically created ...
    • Can a Site24x7 sub-user generate an API key?

      No, a sub-user won't be able to generate API key. API key is unique to an account and primarily used to pull data from the Site24x7 account. Hence, API key generation is restricted to the Organization Super Admin of that particular Site24x7 account. 
    • Can my existing sub-users access their account after migration

      Yes, they can. However, your sub-users will also receive an email with relevant account credentials, using which they can login. If any of your sub-users already have a personal account with Zoho, a new login will not be created and they will be able ...