Bulk actions on the performance counters

How can I perform bulk actions on the performance counters?

You can perform bulk actions, like Suspend, Activate, and Delete, on:
  1. Multiple performance counters across several devices with the same device template.
  2. Multiple performance counters associated with a single device.
You can perform bulk actions on the performance counters only if the device template is the same. Currently, we do not support bulk actions on performance counters with different device templates.
To perform bulk actions on performance counters:
  1. Navigate to Network > Network Devices and select a device.
  2. Click the Performance Counters tab. 
  3. Toggle between Active and Suspended at the top-right to view the respective performance counters (Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Toggle between Active and Suspended on the Performance Counters tab.
  4. Click Bulk Action (Figure 2).

    Figure 2. Click the Bulk Action button.
  5. On the Bulk Action page, toggle between Suspend/Activate and Delete beside Action (Figure 3). If you selected Active performance counters in Step 3, the form will display Suspend and Delete. If you selected Suspended performance counters in Step 3, the form will display Activate and Delete

    Figure 3. Toggle between Suspend/Activate and Delete.
  6. If you wish to perform the same action across all devices with this template, toggle Suspend/Activate/Delete from all devices with this template to Yes.
  7. Select your options from the Performance Counters drop-down menu, which displays all the performance counters for that device. 
  8. Click Save if you selected Suspend or Activate in Step 5. Click Delete if you selected Delete in Step 5.

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