Steps to terminate your Site24x7 Account

Steps to terminate your Site24x7 Products

Site24x7 lets you terminate your account permanently. Follow the steps listed below to initiate termination of your Site24x7 account:
  1. Login in to Site24x7 account.
  2. Navigate to the Admin > My Account > Account Settings > Terminate Account

  3. Once you specify the reason for termination from the drop-down, and enter the captcha.
    Suppose you're all using all three Site24x7 products say Site24x7, StatusIQ, and CloudSpend. When you terminate your account in one product, the accounts in other products will also get terminated. Hence, if you wish to use any one product alone, then you can downgrade the other two products and keep using the product of your preference. 
  4. Click Terminate Account s.
    All about terminating your account

    All you need to know about the termination process:
    • Once you opt to terminate your account, your account will be in a terminated state but will be available for revocation without any data loss.

    • For the next three consecutive days, three notifications will be sent to all admins, one per each day regarding account termination. And if no action is taken to revoke the account termination, then the account will be terminated the next day.

    • If any of the Admins opt to revoke the termination then the account will be reinstated.

    • For eval and free users the account will be terminated immediately whereas paid users  will be provided a grace period of three days to revoke termination.‚Äč

Notes to Ponder:

  • Only users with Super Admin access can delete the account. You're advised to backup your data as your account configuration and performance data will be permanently lost upon termination of Site24x7 accounts.
  • Any account configuration and performance data will be permanently deleted after termination.
  • Site24x7 is a service from Zoho Corp. and uses Zoho Accounts for single-sign-on to handle your personal account settings. Deleting an account in Site24x7 is not the same as closing your Zoho account. They are deleted only from Site24x7. If you do not use any other Zoho Services and want to terminate your Zoho account, please read this article